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Is It Really Worth Buying The Nintendo Switch?

01 Jan 1970 • Views

With the Nintendo Switch around the corner, the hype is real. Fans are eager to get their hands-on Nintendo's newest console. Everything so far has looked fantastic for the Switch and launch day is just around the corner. While Nintendo fans may be excited for the console, the public reaction has not been so great.

Multiple sources have criticized the console for shortcomings by comparing it to the console's competition. Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox one have already sank their teeth into the console marketplace, leaving little room for Nintendo. Combine this with Nintendo's "strategy" of dropping the Wii U before the launch of the Nintendo Switch, will provide a rough and rocky launch for the new console.

As the day in question comes in mind, the public is asking if it's worth the buy. Is it time to make the switch... to the Switch? There is no clear answer unfortunately; however, I will do my best to lay an out a path to see if the Nintendo Switch is worth your wild.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd in America, for a suggested retail price of $299.99. The console will come with a dock to connect the Nintendo Switch to the television, Joy-con remote, 32gbs of storage, and the Nintendo switch itself. The console does have Bluetooth connectivity and will be launching an online service later this year.

The Nintendo Switch console.

The console has been at the center of controversy since its debut in January. One thing to point out right out of the box is the storage. While Sony and Microsoft's consoles hold 500 gigabytes to a terabyte, 32 gigabytes seem relatively small for 2017.

The Switch is a whole different console; Nintendo claims that it can do well without the large storage. It uses small cartridges like the Nintendo DS chips, instead of industry standard Blu- Ray disc. For the consumers, this is a make it, or break it, deal of the Nintendo Switch. Others like the old fashion disk and hate having to keep track of tiny cartridges.

Another big issue the console is facing right now is the online functionality. The online service has been announced to cost around thirty dollars a year. It will include a free classic game for one month, an access to online multiplayer, as well as a specialized Nintendo network app launching along with the online mode.

Sony and Microsoft have a similar online service and benefits, but you are given more than one game. Unlike its competition, Nintendo's version of the online service does not let you get to keep the game past the month you received it for which has sparked negative backlash.

The Switch's biggest problem is Nintendo's lack of communication. Major news outlets and websites have asked Nintendo for specifics on the console's hardware. Nintendo has been extremely vague on what is under the hood of the Switch and have fail to give us reasons why Joy-con remotes are so pricey.

Despite its flaws, the hype train for Nintendo's latest endeavor shows no signs of stopping. The console is being shown off everywhere, and everyone knows about it. With its launch day coming ever so closer, only time will tell if the console will be the next big thing, or a major flop.