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4 Types of Friends You Need to Have in Your Life

01 Jan 1970 • Views

For the time I have been in school, I have learned the different types of friends everyone has in their group. There are different people you trust or go for different circumstances. Different types of friends serve unique purposes. They nurture and improve your life in many ways.

Here are the four different types of friend you need for a complete and fulfilling life:

A Loyal Best Friend

The friends I would classify as the trustworthy friends are the ones that you can tell anything, and they are not going to tell anyone. Often seen as best friend’s due to the amount of trust you put in them. Also, this bond allows you to develop more inside jokes which ties you to the person and brings you closer. These friends are always there for you and have your back no matter what is going on, which is another reason they often become your best friend. Even if you are not best friends with them they would help you in any situation and keep your secrets secrete.

The for-show friends

The next type would be the for-show friends, these are the people you end up hanging out with in groups, and most of the time are popular. You may not text but you follow each other and know the other person. These friends can even be friends you talk to everyday but hardly hang out with outside of school. I even have a few friends like this myself, and they are always fun to hang with.

The friend you thought you wouldn’t be friend but end up being a friend.


My personal favorite type of friends. It is amazing that you can still come together and have fun and bond even though you are so different from them. You still manage to come together regardless of different values, ideals, experiences, interests and beliefs. I myself have a few friends like this that I still do not fully understand how we became friends, but these are also very loyal friends.

The helpful friends

The helpful friends, like the trustworthy friends, they are willing to help you with anything no matter how well you know them. These friends are the ones who stay with them through thick and thin and often seen as a best friend. These friends will be by your side no matter what you have done to them or to anyone. They will always try their best to lead you to the right thing.

Everyone has a different friend group made up of numerous types of people that effect you differently. The most important thing is to surround yourself with friends who know you entirely and treat everyone the way you wish to be treated. A close friend may not know the same you as a best friend from college. You can express more of your true self when you maintain friendships throughout your journey.

Your friends are your chosen family.

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