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Turn Your Laziness Into A High Performing Machine

12 Oct 2017 • 6.2K Views

Every one of us set a new goal, or challenge and just as often in the end we neglect to accomplish them. We wind up telling ourselves that we are unprepared, that we will do it one week from now, one month from now, or even one year from now.

Why Do We Give Up So Easily?

The answer is obvious.

We tend to achieve our objectives too quick that we become tired of the new responsibility. You get drained and exhausted rapidly as a result.

When we adopt something new into our lives, everything appears to be exciting and captivating. We obsess over it. We trust that it is something that we need to continue doing, and something we need to master. We get excessively eager to seek after it toward the start, yet as the positive feelings begin to fade away, we stumble upon a rough path with mixed feelings that block our goal, which often lead to a dead end.

How To Stop Procrastinating?

There is a solution to overcome laziness and accomplish anything you wish. This strategy does not take as much time and results are very great. The system is known as the 1-minute principle.

The 1-minute principle is something that anybody can endeavor in their circle of life. In Japan, for example, it's regularly applied to enhance management techniques. It implies you shouldn't change your life suddenly, but slowly and wisely. A new habit will occur because of your reflection and life experience.

It can be applied successfully to the world of business as it can be to one's personal life.

How Does This Technique Work?

In Japanese culture, the practice of the 1-minute principle includes the concepts of self-improvement. At the heart of this technique is the idea that you ought to practice doing something for a single minute every day. Just for a minute no more, no less.

Piece of cake, right?

Yes, even the laziest person can complete a given assignment for such a little amount of time. We usually find an excuse not to do something when confronted with doing the task for 30 minutes or a hour a day. We're not lazy to finish a task; we're just lazy to start it. However, you'll be able to do it for at least 60 seconds without any doubts.

Why Does The Technique Work?

At first glance this practice might sound sketchy and ineffective for people who have grown up in the Western world that claims the idea that you can only achieve your goals by undertaking massive efforts.

Let me explain.

Programs, projects, or goals that deprive you of vast amounts of energy can end up exhausting you and leave no tangible results.

Whether it's doing push-ups or studying a foreign language, the task won't appear unpleasant. It will end up being an activity that brings you joy and fulfillment. Take small steps at a time, and you will move onward of self-perfection.

The 1-minute principle gives you a chance to see the improvement you're making, and it's a critical part of forming new habits. It is important to overcome that lack of confidence. You may have free yourself from guilt and helplessness. You need to experience a sense of success to move forward.

You will gradually increase the amount of time you spend on the goal that you have set for yourself once you feel inspire. You will think maybe at first just for five minutes more, then will soon turn into five hours or even longer.

All you should do is understand what it is you want to achieve and start doing it for just a minute daily.

Have You Already Tried This Method?

Did the 1-minute principle work for you? Share your experiences in the comments below. It will help others improve their lives, and finally stop procrastinating.


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