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3 Signs You Might Need to Rethink Your Motives

12 Oct 2017 • Views

There comes a point in your life where you begin to form this one exciting yet dreadful feeling— love. Its true meaning can be vague due to the action we partake. We all heard the phrase "action speaks louder than words." So tell me, my darling, is your action showing your true virtues, and does your virtue match with the real meaning of love?

1. You force the love via manipulation

You use whatever you can with bad intentions to make a person fall in love with you. Everyone deserves a love deeper than the ocean, but when you force that ocean to be deep then where's the real love? You don't have to ruin his, or her, relationship by spreading lies about their lover. You're worth more than that. Could you imagine being in a relationship with someone who broke up your previous relationship just to be with you? Me neither. Treat yourself with some respect. You deserve more than manipulation, you are better than being manipulation. Let's move away from that.

2. You're hiding who you are for their love sake

Oh my gem. You are a precious soul. Do not hide who you truly are so he, or she, can like you. So what the guy said he liked someone who's into video games! Don't force yourself to be into video games even though you don't give one darn tootin' about video games. Have you heard that opposite attracts? If he truly loves you, he wouldn't mind if you didn't have a taste for video games. He will be happy that you're apart of his life point blank. You have more characteristics in that depth soul of human being that you are. I bet you are sweetheart who loves to karate. So hi-ya, your fantasy of the girl or boy you need to be in order to make them fall for you. Lift your head up Strut your heart out. Strut your stuff mhm.

3. To have a title or to feel worthy

I've been there. You're sick of living that single life, so you are looking forward to being in a relationship to have that title ..to feel as if you're enough. First, you were always worthy of love. Matter of fact, you are loved beyond your wildest of dream and more than you'll ever know. You don't need someone to have a validation that was already in crested in you. It was spoken into you with meaning that screams out truth.. Words such as enough, important, loved, matter. A relationship will never add or take that part away from you.