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Short Q & A

11 Sep 2020 • Views

What do you regret not doing in the last year?

I regret not taking the time to enjoy my year off school. I was stressing out trying to figure out what’s next in my life and kind of jumped at whatever chance came my way to prevent myself from looking like a failure. I was too worried about others opinion that I didn’t really take the time to focus on what I want. Now this year, the COVID-19 truly highlights that I am not where I want to be and I hope whenever the time arises and it is safe for everything to be open again that I get the chance to change my direction in life.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

The ability to alter someone’s memories/reality. If you watch Seven Deadly Sins, I would like to have Gowther’s power. I honestly think that type of power is amazing! I mean no one would know their reality is altered or their memories unless of course they figure it out somehow, someway(highly unlikely) but can you imagine? If you had a job interview, you could make the interviewer think that everything went smoothly or that the interview already happened and that you're hired. I mean there are so many outcomes that could occur depending on what your own imagination can think of. It is endless! Of course, it would be towards doing good. I think it'd be nice if someone who had served was experiencing some traumatic moments from their time one could relieve their pain with a loving memory.

What is my hobby and how did I get into it?

I love dancing! I was at Boys and Girls Club when I was a little girl and decided to participate in a dance class. It turned out that I was able to stay on the beat and was pretty good at it. I was told by my cousin that when I was little I would go out in the middle of the living room and dance until people were smiling or laughing. I guess then, dance finds its way to my life and I hope to take it with me whether as a hobby or an actual job to my grave.

What was the last show I binge watched?

The last show I truly binge watched was Daredevil and I honestly have no regrets. I am willing to wait more years for some memory of that show to fade away to binge watch it again. It is such a good show! It is honestly a shame that it took me this long to pick it up.

Who are you looking forward to seeing after this pandemic ends?

My theatre friends. I miss them so much and I miss having something to do after work but it has given me the push to try something new in place of it inside my own home. I started painting and it is both the most stressful and peaceful thing I have ever tried at.