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7 Secret Ways Anyone Can Look and Feel Undeniably Attractive

12 Oct 2017 • 10.9K Views

Attraction does not only exist in the relationship scheme of thing. We all want to be attractive to everyone we meet such our friends, families, and even strangers.

These seven methods will help you create interest, pleasure, or liking for someone.

1. The 'Cheerleader' Effect

A group picture of the Dolphins Cheerleaders.

Researchers have found evidence that we appear more attractive in a group than in isolation. We view different faces in a group and ensemble an average face, which is appealing to our eyes. So, taken together, individual faces will seem more stunning when presented in a group because they will look more similar to the average group face. This does not simply mean a member of a cheer-leading squad, for example, is more beautiful than a person seating alone on the bench, but rather that any given cheerleader seen as part of the group will look more attractive.

2. Body Language

Two men enjoying their drink.

Your body language plays a major role when it comes to attractiveness. It ranks high than any traits of attraction such as outfit, hairstyle, or dance move. Studies discovered that we like to see people's hands when we communicate because it shows signs of trust. Hiding your hands in your pockets, or arm crossed make us uncomfortable thus decrease your attractiveness. A genuine smile comes off as friendly, open, approachable. People open to you when you smile, and it can make you appear attractive to them.

3. Similarity & Proximity

Two girls spending quality time together.

We admire people who are similar to us. We find it attractive when someone have a lot in common. When you see a person more often you increase the possibility of being attracted to him, or her. This is known as the mere exposure effect, which stated that the more we see something, the more we tend to like it. The attraction theory, however, reflects that you do not have to see someone daily for him, or her, to develop a feeling for you. People get attracted to those who has similar personality traits.

4. Lightnings

A girl looking outside while the sun shines on her face.

White soft lights create a flattering setting that make you look better than other lightnings. This is why you look nice on some mirrors and others not so pretty. The same can be applied to smartphones. Certain selfies will turn out well depending on lightnings. Whenever you see a girl, or guy, taking so many selfies that because she figuring out which one will make her look prettier. Go to places where you look most attractive and subsequently feel attractive.

5. Stay Fit

A girl stretching

Exercise help improve you physical appearance when it come to being attractive. Your health reflects on your appearance. The benefits of working out are smooth-bright skin, tone muscles, and a healthy heart. There are a lot of ways to lose weight, and eat responsibility. One way is by searching for a decent gym, or purchase necessary equipment, and schedule a time in a day where you will start your training. Pick a considerable meal plan and stick with it until your goal is meet.

6. Attire

A nice red suit.

Your clothe can boost physical attractiveness depending on what you wear. It is redundant to need clothes to make you look better, but clothes can be an added bonus to your overall reflection. Studies have shown that a man who wear red appeal more attractive. Woman who dress nice is view more attractive also.

7. Money

A well-dressed man.

Modern technology has come a long way during the development of the human race. You have options ranging from plastic surgery to nose job. This is the easiest route to looking attractive if you have the money to afford it. Another way money can make you attractive is by saving more and spending less. Men who has numerous amount of money is perceived as attractive toward female.


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