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Red Tide Damage

01 Jan 1970 • Views

Red tide is an algae bloom of Karenia Brevis. It causes significant damage to our oceans killing most things in its path and produces lots of canals to get filled with thick green algae, which is not safe to be around. There are a lot of current issues that are happening in Florida due to the red tide. Many animals have suffered and died and their bodies contaminate the air when they washed up on our beaches.

It is a bad cycle and people should be more aware of it, for you can get sick. Many environmentalists have tried to come up with solutions to clear some of the red tides, but it usually has come to dead ends if this keeps happening who knows if they'll get large, toxic, and violent than ever!

We should all play a part even if it's switching your sugar out. Did you know that the Everglades Sugar Mill dumps their leftovers into canals that reach into our oceans? That's only one of the factories. We shouldn't support these factories till they change their ways. If this keeps going on, more of this toxic air will get into our respiratory systems, more sea life will come to an end and lots of business will close.

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