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Minuscule Things

10 Jul 2020 • 1.4K Views

A desk is a hard wood surface that gives us the ability to hold many objects upon it. It comes in many varieties of shapes and sizes. It also gives us the ability to write and read, but what we don’t see is that such a desk holds so much more potential.

The desk is where our life began. It started off from a mother's womb, with a steady and calm hand reaching out for the tools and items placed upon the sterile desk to deliver you out. The desk has watched us grow starting from the mess that's been splatter on you with the food that was more fun playing with than eating. It's been through a lot, but so have you. All those frustrated times where books and application have beaten you up the desk have been there to support you. Remember all those aching nights when the thought of moving from the desk to your bed just seemed far too impossible? The desk was there to be that, painfully, but nevertheless, a willing bed for you. Although it wasn't comfortable it was enough to hold you. It was enough to provide the comfort that you needed when book and work seemed to be too much.

Then there's the downfall of the desk. It has hurt you every time where you cannot seem to remember that the desk has a side to it, but you are fully aware of that when the side of the desks is against your rib-cage. You are also fully aware that the desk has four legs to hold its weight when your toes have a surprising meeting with it. You groan and you yell something out loud you probably should have not have said. Oh, how that desk shows how much angry words you can say in such short notice. It doesn't end there, there's countless things the desk has done for us. It is truly a blessing. The desk is a reminder that the littlest of things makes a huge impact in the way we live. It has contributed to it all.

So don't discount those little things you do in life. They all have a purpose. No need to compare what it's like towards anyone's life because if it matters to you (whatever it is), then it matters. That will always be enough.


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