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Love Has A Language

12 Oct 2017 • 10.1K Views

From the butterflies in your stomach to the feeling of comfort of being with any specific person, love can be a confusing emotion. In any relationship we care about, we try to show our love the best way we can. When I say relationship, I mean it in a broader term to include your friends, family, or romantic partner.

Sometimes it is hard to maintain a relationship with certain people because we don't understand each other. In romantic relationships, it could be the lack of communication, or you don't feel appreciated.

Assessing your way of loving could help you identify the kind of person you are and help your relationships or communicate what you're looking for in a person. This includes all the single people out in the crowd too because we know you have best friends out there that you love.

If you do not have friends, a romantic relationship or a relationship with your family, build a relationship! Examine the kind of person you are.

People can communicate with each other without knowing their verbal language, but it makes it difficult if we do not know their language. So what is your love language? How do you show love or like for love to be showed to you?

I am a big hugger, I was raised to make everyone feel welcome with a warm hug. I have come across many anti-huggers, or people that absolutely do not like to be touched, but no worries I still love y'all.

Take this quiz and learn your type of love language.


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