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My Journey Through Scoliosis Surgery and Recovery

01 Jan 1970 • Views

Hey Commoners,

I'm really not sure how to begin this post. I will start with some basic background information about me.

I was born with my esophagus not properly attached (a tube that connect from the throat to the stomach). Because of this, I had a surgery. Not only was it successful but also set the stage to develop scoliosis, a simple s-curve of the spine.

My parents started sending me to my first chiropractor due to the condition of my spine. This went on for a few years until it was no longer working for me. Thus, I did special exercises twice a day, and once every six months, I would go up to Orlando for an intensive treatment. None of this was easy, but it helped build me for what was about to come.

My doctor introduced me to new treatment, a soft scoliosis brace, for my spine. I was in a need of a major operation because my curve was worsening. Before the doctor stunted my spinal growth, my parents and I were determined to let me keep growing for as long as possible.

The soft brace added two extra layers of clothes. It was hard not only to keep up with wearing the brace twenty-four hours a day but also all the exercises and special breathing patterns. All in hopes of correcting or preventing my curve from getting worse.

After all the efforts, my doctors had given up hope. They believed the soft brace wouldn't work and surgery was not optional. Then came Summer, and I was prepped and sent into my first major scoliosis rod surgery. Though, this surgery was a bad one. My spine got straighten, but if left for too long, I would have been paralyzed in my hands and right foot.

I waited a week in the hospital before they could try the surgery once again for the time being. It became successful! I was up, walking, dancing and sent home two days later. I am going to miss being in bed all day. Hospitable is like a hotel but for sick people.

My life has changed since then. It's crazy how quickly time passed since I had my surgery. I hope that that is perhaps comforting for some of you who are facing this surgery in the near future. I genuinely do remember how absolutely stressful and scary the whole surgery procedure seemed, but now I'm so, so glad that I went through with it

I don't know when I'll post again. I'm keen to update this occasionally, but I guess it will depend on how busy life gets!

"Life is full of blessing in disguise."