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A Guide to Mental Break At Any Age

08 Jul 2018 • 2.9K Views

There comes a time where we all need a break in life, but you know what? Let me tell you a little secret. The break that you're having doesn't make you lazy or any less of a human being. It's normal. So often we are faced with expectations and standards that are fly high to the roof that having a mental break might just be the right thing to do.

So, do it. What's holding you back? Ah, there it is. That one thing that is holding you back.  Look, your mental, emotional, and spiritual health is important.  When we place that down as our last priority we become less of ourselves and more like working machine robots, but the difference is you're human. You deserve the care and you deserve the break. I don't know what you've done today, but I bet the task was hard and tiresome.

Take everything seriously because, obviously, it is.

The fact that you got out of bed to face a whole chaos of the world we live in is a lot of work to do. You might get that fear that relaxing will hold you back from achieving. That you got to grind and never stop, but hey who said you were stopping? You're just taking a pause. It doesn't matter how long you take to get to your goal. It matters that you didn't quit. What you need to know is taking a little break is just as important as working.

You know how incredibly brilliant phones are in this generation? It has the potential to do numerous of things, yet there comes a time where it heats up, burn out, dies out. The phone needs rest too. There comes a time when it can only take so much and where it needs to rest.

We glorify working to the core, all day every day. That it boils down to the part where we get anxiety if nothing is being worked on.

A complete and utter mental breakdown does not require any extraordinary skills.

It's as if our worth comes from the things we do. Funny thing is, it doesn't. Okay, maybe more of a serious thing.  When you were born, you were worth it, you were called amazing, beautiful, impactful, purposeful, wonderful and all the goodness of word. That never stopped when you made a mistake or started working on one specific project. When you started working, your whole worth didn't become define on that job. My darling! You were already worthy, amazing, beautiful, impactful, purposeful, wonderful and all the goodness of word. That one event didn't make any less, that one girl or boy didn't make you any less, how you feel and how the day when didn't make you any less, so taking this break will not make you any less than what you truly are.

You are appreciated. Just as you take the time to appreciate the art that you created, take the time to take the art that you are. Do your favorite thing whatever it is. Do that very simple thing that brings you peace and comfort. For me, I love walking around with my headphones on blasting music. The walking turns into dancing and minutes go by two hours and next thing you know three hours already passed.

There's also reading. Just getting my mind into the world of another character gives me that wonderful feeling. Especially when it's a romantic novel, my heart just burst with happiness. It can also be the simplest of thing like lying down in bed, looking up my ceiling and letting the quiet invade me. Being calm, still and okay when I am surrounded by the busyness around me.

Meditation: not a cure, but a tool for insight.

Even with relaxation, there comes growth. The ability to wait, to be in tune with your heart, might lead you to an answer to question that were left a mystery.

Train your mind through mediation, like the way that fitness train the body. Just refocus your awareness on the object of attention. Every time you notice your mind wandering, rather than chasing random thoughts, you simply let them go. Meditation gives you time by making your mind calmer and more concentrated, for your ability to focus improves.

A modest ten, or fifteen, minutes meditation can help you overcome your stress and find some inner harmony and balance. You will learn how to change your mind from negative to positive, from worried to peaceful, from sad to happy. Take that break and take care of yourself because you truly do deserve it. You won't be any less because of it.


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