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Enjoy Your Golden Years in Community

01 Jan 1970 • Views

It’s no fun being alone and that’s how you might feel now that your children have moved on to start up their own lives elsewhere. Moreover, those long days and nights without any company can take their toll on your mental well-being, resulting in feelings of boredom and helplessness. In fact, social isolation can even result in functional decline and death.

This is no way for you to live, and there’s no reason to as new options for aging in community have sprung up nationwide, offering you the possibility to spend your time with other seniors seeking the same warmth and friendship as you. There will always be someone nearby to share your joys and sorrows, rekindling the satisfaction in everyday life that you felt when you were younger. Here are a variety of options for you to consider.

A Roommate or Two

You don’t even have to move out of your own home, just find another senior who also wants companionship and share living expenses. According to an article in Realtor.com, such arrangements have been a godsend for many, who not only save money on rent but also have a social event to look forward to, no matter what day of the week, similar to the classic sitcom “Golden Girls.”

You could even consider pooling your resources for some home modifications such as a widened entrance and slip-free surfaces in the bathroom.


There are a number of resources that will help find someone younger to move in with you in exchange for doing chores, or you could charge rent and safeguard some of that retirement income for other things. Your new resident gets a cheap place to live, and you get the helping hand you need. It’s a match made in heaven.

Some other perks include help with transportation, companionship and an increased sense of security as there’s someone there to call for help in case of an accident.

Senior Villages

This may bring up images of old-fashioned tea times and games of bridge at the recreation center, but things are changing quickly, and such closed residential complexes are a lot more exciting than they used to be. Nowadays, you’ll enjoy wine-tastings and concerts together with friends who’ve come from all over the country to enjoy their golden years.

What’s more, in many such villages you have the option to cut your monthly rent by living with a friend, ensuring you’re not lonely even when there’s nothing on the event calendar.

Intentional Communities

Intentional communities are an ideal refuge for seniors who want to get more out of their retirement than just a little peace and quiet, even in the city. They’re normally associated with non-profit organizations, but are sometimes set up by residents in their own neighborhoods. You would have to make regular contributions to pay for community services such as educational programs and home care services.

Living Facilities

This is probably what you were trying to avoid by seeking other options for aging in community, but many such establishments are changing the way they operate to offer the type of atmosphere you would find at a senior village or intentional community. According to Caregivers.com, the secret to success is for staff and residents to be empowered as individuals and form real personal bonds rather than clinical relationships.

You know what? This is starting to look like fun, no matter which option you choose. They all come with a second lease on life as well as some great new friends to hang out with, so let the good times roll.

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