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College Students vs. High School Students

01 Jan 1970 • Views

I am in a program called Dual Enrollment. This means that you are taking college classes while still in high school. You can either go to a college to take those classes or you can take some classes at your high school, but for me, I take my classes at a college. While exposed to my closest experience as a college student, I noticed some differences between high school students and college students.

1. Less Drama

You remember Gossip Genny? Forget about her! There are no Gossip Genny's here. You remember Trash Talk Terry? She is long gone! Since college students have more important things to worry about, you probably won't ever hear them gossiping about you. I should also mention that college students are way more mature, which is another reason why they will not gossip about you.

2. Way Smarter

Remember that nerd in your class that you cheated off of? Imagine like 20 of them in your class! There are a lot of intelligent people in your class. I have good grades, but even I must admit that I feel like the dumbest kid in class sometimes. On the bright side, they are some great tutors!

3. More Focused

Aren't you tired of Jeremy cracking jokes every three seconds? What about Jeff and Jack; those two are always talking loud during the teacher's lectures. Well, you don't have to worry about that in college! Everyone is pretty much dead silent unless they have a question. It might be because of the professors threatening to boot you out of their class, but college students paid for their class. Therefore, they want to actually stay and learn unlike high school students. College students want to pass their class so that they will start on their careers. A lot is on the line and college students cannot risk failing their class.

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