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Awaken: Embracing what we born to do, live

01 Jan 1970 • Views

I've been so asleep in my life.

I've been glued to the screen that I never had the opportunity to awaken my mind with the life that surrounds me every single day. It's sad to say that more often my teen years was spent watching someone else enjoy their life than me living. 

That's living, right? Yeah. maybe not.

I've encountered many advices on how to live life, but I never ended up doing it. It's crazy enough that all I learned in most years is how to fake it until you make it. Twelve years of school and all I learn is how to fake it, how to make the popular table, how to get a boy like to me and how to fit in. Right, but I never got the opportunity to truly learn when I was blocked by meeting the standards to meet the world's criteria. 

The funny thing is, even when I did meet the criteria, or at least tried too, I never felt like I was ever enough. Yet, I was doing the most to be enough.

Where had the time gone?

I think the key word I would have to put into my whole experience of life it would had to be validation. 

 In all honesty, before I done anything I would always look for a safety net. You know? The net where I knew what the outcome would occur, if it was validated by others in society, and if it met those standards. I knew I would be safe A.K.A my safety net and would proceed to take the jump.

I never truly did take "risks" until I met this one person and fell in love, but... that's a whole other story. 

I never had the chance to take risks without knowing every outcome that when it came time to making decision I begin to develop a fear. I was testing the water of uncertainty. I was always certain, but this was different, this was scary, and that fear took a toll towards my future. I mean what if I never got to see him again? What if I didn’t land the job? I wasn't sure if we were ever being... I wasn't sure if I'll ever make it. I mean but what about the outcome? It's not there, I can't see it. Everything is different for everyone. Where would I fall into? But... what if I fail?

I've been asleep for so long... tired and chained down by the social media ways that I never once got to think for myself. Weighed down by statistics and critics on other opinions on how life should be situated. Dedicated my time to an imaginary linear plot of how everything should follow as if that is how life should be. A linear line of who I would become at a certain age and when things weren't certain anymore, when the Wi-Fi went out... I begin to feel lost.

I didn't like that feeling. I am not a lost soul, I am found. I am redeemed and I was made to do great things and so are you.

It's now time that I start opening my eyes to the world around me and sympathize more with my fellow mates that are close within my reach. It's time to embrace the life around us and enjoy the content that life should teach through communication, mistakes and success. Yes, mistakes because we are humans. We are not this perfect imaginary world we have place pressure on becoming to be. Who you must be by the age of anything is nothing more than yourself. 

Who's to say what more can come life way? Who knows, maybe I or even you can discover something great that'll influence the way the world is for many generation to come. Most likely, that involves being glued more to the outside world than our phones.

Finding that balance in life. Connect more. Laugh often. Question life. Discover more about it. Become. Begin. Embrace this thing called life because it truly is a precious gift.

Spend it wisely, and I know it might seem foreign to start something different, but I learned now that's usually how it is when you are doing something new.

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