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10 Daily Exercises to Lose Weight

My life has been consist of mostly sitting and sleeping, and I know some of you reading this do the same thing—don't lie. The only exercise I do is walking to where I need to go.

I notice it was becoming a routine, and it was affecting my health. I gain an extra pound on my weight as a result. So, like any reasonable person would do, I search up ways to lose that extra fat.

Some exercises may sound generic, but they are very effective. A nice tip to remember is to be careful on what you consume. Make simple and fast fat burning recipes that taste great, so you have no excuse to why you cannot lose weight. Here's my list:

1. Lunge Cartoon character demonstrating how to do a bur-pee.

Lunges helps tone your thighs, which include quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. They are ways to do lunges, but the one in the picture is called the forward lunge. You lower your one leg in a right angle then raise yourself back up. Repeat the same process with a different leg.

2. Burpee Cartoon character demonstrating how to do a bur-pee.

A full-body exercise that is often overlooked. You will feel the burn after a few repetitions. Your stomach, arms, legs, chest, and so on will change dramatically if you do it daily.

3. Squat A young woman doing a squat.

A squat is similar to a lunge, but require two leg to be lower simultaneously. It helps strengthen your leg muscles and improve both your upper and lower body strength.

4. Push-up A man outside doing a push-up.

This exercise works by keeping your back straight and using arms to lower and raise your body on the ground. You will look slim because of the fat you have burned of your body.

5. Mountain Climber Small weak boy attempting a mountain climber exercise.

Utilize your core by strengthening your deltoids, biceps, triceps, lower trapezius, and much more. All you to do is get on the ground and pull one different knee up and down toward midsection.

6. Plank Woman trying the plank excersie.
7. Bridge Drawn figure man shows how a brigde look like in real life.
8. Abdominal Crunch Two girls working on hard on crunches.
9. Sit-Up A young woman stretching outdoors before exercising.
10. Running A girl running in the outdoor.

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